Hola, mi nombre es Lemuel Rojas!  To all of you non-Spanish speaking people I just said, “Hello, my name is Lemuel Rojas!”  I figured I would try to catch your attention with that.

Working at Create A Dream is such a privilege and blessing; the reason being is because my personality fits right in!  I am a 20 years old with the heart of a child, and being able to meet new people and their families is such a great joy that it does my heart good.  God has truly blessed me with the opportunity to share my love for people by serving them in an environment that expresses happiness, excitement, and imagination all of which is important to us all.

I’ve been with the Create A Dream family for quite some time now and there is always love in the midst.  As a tour guide I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet some awesome families, build relationships with them, and all while making their vacations worthwhile.  As much as you may say this is a job, I personally could not classify this as one; to me this is something that I do from my heart and the love that I have when I see the smiles on my families faces!

God bless you!